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Many government contractors find that one of their greatest challenges is actively monitoring and reporting their most precious resource - the time of their workforce. Federal procurements require contractors to ensure that employee time is recorded promptly and accurately, is duly approved by managers and is supported by a full audit trail. While the regulations require a methodical, highly structured approach to timekeeping, business economics dictate that organizations make informed decisions using timely and accurate information.

PROCAS has developed a solution that satisfies both of these seemingly conflicting goals. PROCAS Time is a simple yet powerful addition to the PROCAS accounting software platform.

Easy to Use
PROCAS Time provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface for employees. Timesheet data can be entered using popular web browsers - allowing users to enter time from the office, home, client site or anywhere access to the Internet is available.

Powerful and Customizable
Each organization using PROCAS Timesheet Software may customize the installation to reflect their timesheet periods, approval groups, approvers and project approvers. Managers can access real-time timesheet data at any time during the timesheet period, allowing decision makers to view hourly data without having to wait for the end of each accounting cycle.

PROCAS Time allows organizations to be fully compliant with U.S. Federal Government requirements for labor charging, consistency, proper approvals, corrections and a complete audit trail. Contractors who have implemented PROCAS Time report that federal auditors have approved the system for use on all types of government contracts and agreements.

Smooth Integration
PROCAS Time integrates seamlessly with PROCAS Accounting and automatically imports information for employees, projects, tasks, accounts, labor categories, Paid Time Off (PTO) balances, etc. from the accounting system. After submission and approval of timesheets, labor entries are created automatically in PROCAS Accounting at the end of each timesheet period. Time can then be exported to commercial payroll processors, e.g., Paychex or ADP.

PROCAS Time is a web timekeeping system that is easy for employees to use and provides business managers with a powerful tool for intelligent decision making.

PROCAS Time Features

User Access
Timesheet users, including W-2 employees, 1099 consultants and subcontractors, may enter their time using popular web browsers. No proprietary software or hardware is necessary.

Time Entry
Timesheet users are assigned a unique user ID, and each user establishes his/her own password, so timesheets are under the control of the user. Users are responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of timesheets.

Employees have the ability to add comments to each time entry. Employees, supervisors, project approvers and administrators can view the comments on a timesheet at any time.

Work Authorization
Employers determine what direct projects, tasks, labor categories and indirect labor accounts are authorized for each employee.

Timesheet Submission and Approval
Employees complete and submit timesheets for approval, creating electronic signatures. Timesheets are required to be approved by supervisors. Separate approvals by project managers are optional. An unlimited number of alternate supervisors and alternate project approvers may be created in the system.

Automated Reminders
Employers can schedule automated email reminders for personnel who have not recorded their time for the previous day. Schedules can vary by person, and all time zones are accommodated. Supervisors can receive copies of reminders.

Email Notifications
Email messages are sent automatically to supervisors and project approvers, if appropriate, to alert them that timesheets are awaiting their approval. Email messages are then sent to employees to alert them when timesheets have been approved or disapproved.

Timesheet Status Summary
The Timesheet Status Summary report, which is available to supervisors, project approvers and system administrators, identifies timesheets that have not been started, have not been submitted, are awaiting approval and have been fully approved. Drill down is available within each section to see who may need a reminder and to view the timesheet data recorded so far. Administrators can view all timesheets; supervisors and project approvers are limited to viewing timesheets within their respective approval groups.

Pay Cycles
Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or any other user-defined pay cycle is accommodated. Weekly and bi-weekly pay cycles can be split across accounting periods to facilitate monthly billing and financial statements. Pay for salaried employees is automatically prorated between split periods.

Subcontractors and Consultants
In addition to employees, PROCAS Time accommodates use by subcontractors and consultants. Expenses and liabilities are recorded against the appropriate general ledger accounts when timesheets are imported into PROCAS Accounting.

Budgeted Hours
Hours can be budgeted by person and by task. Employees can see the number of budgeted hours remaining on their tasks as they record their time. Supervisors, project approvers and administrators can view the number of hours remaining for a person on a task at any time.

PTO Hours
PTO hours can be automatically updated for each employee for each timesheet period. Employees can see the number of PTO hours remaining as they record their time off. Supervisors and administrators can view the number of PTO hours remaining for their employees at any time.

Authorized Task Starting and Ending Dates
Starting and ending dates can be entered by person and by task. Employees, supervisors, project approvers and administrators can view the ending date for a person on a task at any time.

Payroll Service Interface
Time recorded in PROCAS Time is automatically imported into PROCAS Accounting and can be easily exported to third-party payroll processors - eliminating transcription errors and expediting the payroll cycle.

Labor Utilization Report
Employees, supervisors, project approvers and administrators can generate a real-time labor utilization report at any time. Users can specify the date range, and choose to use a total hour base or a custom user-defined hour base.

View Only Access
Allows users to view timesheets for a group of personnel without giving them the ability to approve or disapprove the timesheets. The feature allows for personnel to be placed in more than one view group so that various people, both internal and external, can see the timesheets specific to them.

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"…Not only does PROCAS give excellent support but when DCAA was in for a system review our PROCAS Consultant was here too and helped me through the whole process. It went great and I’m thankful to have partnered with PROCAS."

Gale Williams, President
Entrusted Connections, Inc.
"…My PROCAS clients are able to breeze through DCAA audits. PROCAS has been very easy for my clients to learn and manage.

There are very few Government contractors in my area that can afford Deltek. It's so nice to be able to recommend PROCAS as an excellent solution for Government Contractors."

Patti Van Buren, President
Ethical Solutions, Inc.
"We looked at Deltek, Great Plains, Platinum, and PROCAS. We selected PROCAS because we rated its capability the highest and happily, it turned out to be the most cost effective alternative. We recommend PROCAS to any government contractor considering a new accounting software package."

Jim Wright, Chief Financial Officer
The Leonard Resource Group, Inc.
"What I love most about the PROCAS hosted service is how easy it makes preparing my invoices each month. We switched from QuickBooks PRO to PROCAS and never looked back..."

Patricia Durkin, President
Syracuse Environmental Research Associates, Inc.
"Thank you PROCAS. I was informed by the DCAA Auditors that they reached a conclusion that our accounting system is in compliance with DCAA. He told me that our PROCAS based accounting system is in compliance with DCAA requirements based on their observation, demonstration and all the journals and ledgers they reviewed…”

CK Park, President & CEO
Nationwide IT Services, Inc.
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