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PROCAS Reports is a management reporting system that allows executives, project managers and other personnel access to a dashboard, project reports and financial statements using a web browser. PROCAS Reports uses actual financial data that has been imported from PROCAS Accounting, so reports users can have access to the information they need to make informed business decisions.

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Ease of Access
PROCAS Reports is available using a web browser. Users of PROCAS Time, PROCAS Expense and PROCAS Reports access all of these solutions from a single user account, even for multiple companies.

Smooth Integration
PROCAS Reports integrates with PROCAS Accounting at the push of a button, so that information can be made available as soon as it is ready.

PROCAS Reports allows the user to easily export financial data to perform further analysis.

PROCAS Reports allows executives, project managers and other personnel to access information when they wish with the options that they want without having to wait for accounting personnel to produce the information and forward the reports.

PROCAS Reports allows the data to be secured in a number of different ways, so that users will only see the information that they need to see. User access can be limited to any combination of project, task, account, division, location, worksite and department. Hours, pay rates and dollars can also be secured. For example, the president of a company may have access to all information, while a project manager has access to only the hours information for a specific contract.

PROCAS Reports includes a dashboard with indicators that display company and project financial information. The user can drill-through an indicator to see a report with additional data.

Project Status Report (Contract Backlog)
The Project Status Report displays the remaining time and funding for each contract and includes colored indicators that allow the user to instantly view the company’s contract backlog. Data can be sorted to assist in evaluating contract status.

Project Cost Report – Summary (Contract Profitability)
The Project Cost Report – Summary displays revenue, direct costs, and applied indirect costs to calculate net profit for each contract and includes an indicator that displays the relative amount of profit or a loss. Options are available to display contract profitability by task, client or project manager. Users can also choose to include allocated actual, budgeted or provisional indirect costs. The user can drill-through on a summary item to see the Project Cost Report – Detail.

Project Cost Report – Detail
The Project Cost Report – Detail displays revenue, direct costs, and applied indirect costs to calculate net profit at a lower level of detail than the Project Cost Report – Summary. The detail report also includes budgeted and actual hours and dollars, the variance amounts and the variance percentages. Options are available to display the direct costs by account, labor category or employee/vendor. Users can also choose to include allocated actual, budgeted or provisional indirect costs, and the columns can be grouped by year, quarter or month.

Financial Statements
PROCAS Reports includes a balance sheet, income statement, comparative income statement (comparing two date ranges), budget vs. actual income statement and a statement of cash flows. Options are available to display columns by year, quarter or month as well as by division, location, worksite and department. A drill-down capability allows the user to expand a line item and view account level details.

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Aging Reports
The Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Aging Reports display open invoices for clients or vendors and groups the invoices by the number of days outstanding. Users have the option to display invoices grouped in columns representing 7, 15, 30, 40, 45, 50 and 60 day intervals. Managers can easily view the clients that owe the company money and the vendors that the company needs to pay.

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"…Not only does PROCAS give excellent support but when DCAA was in for a system review our PROCAS Consultant was here too and helped me through the whole process. It went great and I’m thankful to have partnered with PROCAS."

Gale Williams, President
Entrusted Connections, Inc.
"…My PROCAS clients are able to breeze through DCAA audits. PROCAS has been very easy for my clients to learn and manage.

There are very few Government contractors in my area that can afford Deltek. It's so nice to be able to recommend PROCAS as an excellent solution for Government Contractors."

Patti Van Buren, President
Ethical Solutions, Inc.
"…We looked at Deltek, Great Plains, Platinum, and PROCAS. We selected PROCAS because we rated its capability the highest and happily, it turned out to be the most cost effective alternative. We recommend PROCAS to any government contractor considering a new accounting software package."

Jim Wright, Chief Financial Officer
The Leonard Resource Group, Inc.
"What I love most about the PROCAS hosted service is how easy it makes preparing my invoices each month. We switched from QuickBooks PRO to PROCAS and never looked back..."

Patricia Durkin, President
Syracuse Environmental Research Associates, Inc.
"Thank you PROCAS. I was informed by the DCAA Auditors that they reached a conclusion that our accounting system is in compliance with DCAA. He told me that our PROCAS based accounting system is in compliance with DCAA requirements based on their observation, demonstration and all the journals and ledgers they reviewed…”

CK Park, President & CEO
Nationwide IT Services, Inc.
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